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Historical Information

History of Student Services Fee (SSF)

  • 1920: Regents vote to implement an "Incidental Fee" of $25 for all UC Berkeley students because the state could not continue to fully fund the university. Fee is meant to "cover the costs of services furnished by the University in addition to instruction and cannot therefore be properly regarded as tuition."
  • 1953: After implementation on several UC campuses, the Incidental Fee is increased to $42 and made uniform across the system.
  • 1968: Incidental Fee is renamed "Registration Fee" and an explicit statement is made restricting use of the fee to financial aid and student services.
  • 1972: Registration Fee spending is limited to student services.
  • 2010: Registration Fee is renamed "Student Services Fee."

Council on Student Fees (CSF)

  • 1974: The chairs of each UC’s Registration Fee Advisory Committee (RFAC) hold their first meeting.
  • 1976: The State Council of the Registration Fee Advisory Committees is officially formed to oversee use of the Registration Fee system-wide.
  • 1979: Council is renamed "State Council on Registration Fees."
  • 1984: Council is renamed "Council on Student Fees" and assumes interest in all student fees.

CSF Standing Policies

The following policy documents are all in PDF format:

University of California Office of the President (UCOP) Guidelines