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Student Affairs and Campus Life Learning and Professional Development


Student Affairs and Campus Life supports learning and professional development at every level. Through professional opportunities, staff are expected to develop competencies that adhere to our core values and align with the UC Core Competencies.

Learning and professional development opportunities equip our talented staff with the knowledge, tools and resources to perform assigned job responsibilities successfully, develop skills to aid in career advancement, and support of the division's mission to serve students.

Triton Time

Triton Time is a platform created for employees to engage with colleagues across campus and continue learning together every week right at home.

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Professional Development Day

Professional Development Day provides staff with an opportunity to engage, learn, and practice their skills in personal and professional settings. Revisit the Keynote Speaker and workshop recordings from the annual conference.

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Commitments to Address Anti-Blackness

In determining how to assess and evaluate our effectiveness in addressing anti-Blackness in our work at UC San Diego, we committed to report on our progress annually each August.

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Do you have an idea for a future career development workshop or program? Your input and suggestions are appreciated! For more information on the committee or its efforts, please contact Kirby Knipp